Announcing Our First Language Offering

The mission of WordUp Games is to create high-quality games that get people talking. We understand that language learning gives people a competitive edge in their career and opens doors of opportunity in their personal lives. The benefits of learning languages are substantial and numerous.

When deciding which language to focus on first, multiple factors were taken into account. Here are four of the questions we asked:

-Which language is demanded the most online?

-In which language could Stranded on Babel benefit society most?

-Which language has the most learners who could benefit from our initial product? (Our initial product is best for learners who already have some basic knowledge of their target language.)
-Which language are we most qualified to offer?

All four of these questions have the same answer. One language is spoken, to some degree, by nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Knowing this language is considered a prime determinant for access to wealth in the world. For many people, knowing it will make the difference between living in poverty and working for livable wages. Lastly, since it is our scriptwriter’s native language… you know where all this is headed.

The first language we will offer is English!

To elaborate a little further on how important learning English is, let’s walk through a few more data points. Imagine all the people in the world studying French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, and Japanese. Those are six languages that are very beneficial to learn! That’s why 152 million people are learning them. Amazingly, though, that is only 10% as many people as are learning English right now.

-Jordan Clive, Founder

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