Announcing Our Second Language Offering

With Stranded on Babel, we want to make people feel good as they play a captivating game with people around the world and–as a byproduct–master their target languages. The most important part of the game, therefore, is the international user base. As explained in a previous post, the best language to start with is the one with the largest community: English. 1.5 billion people are learning it. For our second language offering, we want to choose the one that will most benefit the largest Stranded on Babel user base.

200+ native English-speaking fans, as of today, have taken our quiz, ‘What language should I learn?’. There was a clear winner… ¡Español!

Latin America, USA

United States of Latino America

Spanish is relatively easy for native English-speakers to learn. It is estimated that by 2050, the US will have more Spanish-speakers than any other country. For English speakers with dreams of becoming polyglots, Spanish is the perfect starting point.

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