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Announcing Our Second Language Offering

With Stranded on Babel, we want to make people feel good as they play a captivating game with people around the world and–as a byproduct–master their target languages. The most important part of the game, therefore, is the international user base. As explained in a previous post, the best language to start with is the[…]

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Quiz: What Language Should I Learn?

Native English speakers who are interested in learning a language but don’t know which one! It doesn’t matter if it’s your 2nd, 3rd, or 15th language. We have a gift for you. We have put together a 14-question process that will provide the answer to what language would be best for you to learn. There[…]

Easiest and Hardest Languages for Native English Speakers

Native English followers, fret not. English will not be the only language we offer after launch for long. It is almost certain what language #2 for Stranded on Babel will be. Follow this blog to keep up with WordUp’s developments on that. What is much less clear is what language #3 will be. You will[…]

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Announcing Our First Language Offering

The mission of WordUp Games is to create high-quality games that get people talking. We understand that language learning gives people a competitive edge in their career and opens doors of opportunity in their personal lives. The benefits of learning languages are substantial and numerous. When deciding which language to focus on first, multiple factors[…]