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Announcing Our Second Language Offering

With Stranded on Babel, we want to make people feel good as they play a captivating game with people around the world and–as a byproduct–master their target languages. The most important part of the game, therefore, is the international user base. As explained in a previous post, the best language to start with is the[…]

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Quiz: What Language Should I Learn?

Native English speakers who are interested in learning a language but don’t know which one! It doesn’t matter if it’s your 2nd, 3rd, or 15th language. We have a gift for you. We have put together a 14-question process that will provide the answer to what language would be best for you to learn. There[…]

Stranded on Babel

Why I believe in Stranded on Babel

I have hated every educational game I ever played. Except Assassin’s Creed. That franchise is awesome. But every game that is marketed as educational, without exception, has been terrible. So why would I work on any game that is designed to strengthen practical skills? That’s the same as educational, right? I joined the team because of an unrelated experience I had in 2014.