Announcing the Raz Raja Video!

One thing that makes our game so different is that you play by talking. This is hard for people to imagine because the games they are accustomed to usually involve shooting zombies, cars that can jump, or blocks that disappear after changing colors. As we design this game and plan future additions, we have found that this conversation-based gameplay opens many, many possibilities. The types of adventures, the strategic mini-games, the storyline & side-plots, the depth & breadth of players’ social interactions… all of these aspects of our game have given us at WordUp Games plenty to work with.

This video shows how you will interact with characters in Babel. In this segment, the self-indulgent business tycoon Raz Raja tells you some of Babel’s backstory, and gives one example of how developing your skills will help you not only to solve the island’s mysteries, but will open the door to connecting with new characters and side-plots.



Be sure to watch next week’s video, in which we introduce you to Governor Banks. Actually… Never mind. Avoid next week’s video. Liking it is almost as distasteful as disliking it. I try to do neither.

-Trevor Clive, Creative Director


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