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First order of business: explaining what Stranded on Babel is. The game is quite simple, but it is hard to explain because we have nothing to compare it to. Every person on the team has had more than one awkward moment when a friend or family member asks what we are working on, so we try to explain the game, and the friend/family member responds, “oh, so your game is like _________” and we respond, “not really”, and they say, “Oh, then it must be more like _______” and we respond, “kind of, I guess, but not really”. This conversation can go in circles of nowhere indefinitely.

Stranded on Babel Developer

I will now attempt to explain bare bones of the game.

  • It is an online video game with a unique storyline and characters
  • It gives language learners of all levels the language immersion and practice they need to become fluent
  • In the story, the protagonist of the game (you) is stuck on an island that is descending into anarchy, and you must rise to power and solve the island’s various problems by establishing social connections (with other players online), strategically trading to gain wealth, and increasing your language proficiency
  • While other games would have you perform these interactions by clicking, our game has you do them by talking to real people, as you would in real life.
  • Settings of the game adapt to all language levels. Beginners will be able to play the game by speaking in single words or short sentences. Advanced players will receive less prompting and may play by speaking in longer, improvised sentences.

That’s the basic idea. I’ll save the details for later. The game is actually quite simple, but imagine trying to explain Super Mario Bros. to someone 70 years ago… not an easy task.

“It’s important to shoot softly so the Mario laser doesn’t wear out the TV.”

“It’s important to shoot softly so the Mario laser doesn’t wear out the TV.”

Stranded on Babel Is not like other language learning games. I know because I have personally searched for games we could rip off, but I found none.

The initial version we release will be fully functional, fully playable, and certainly worth your time, but it will not have half of all the goodies we have planned. Our future lineup includes new mini-games, new missions, new side plots, new characters… all will be added as we gain a following. So one day you will be able to tell your friends, “I was playing Stranded on Babel before they even had the junker trading system,” and your friends will think you are an annoying hipster turd, but you will feel like a golden lion standing over its latest kill.  We want to make a game that you will never beat… you’ll just stop playing it once you become fluent.

I hope that explanation is sufficient. I look forward to keeping you all updated with future blog posts!

-Trevor Clive, Creative Director

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