Lost on Babel Playable Preview: What to Expect

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In a few short weeks, WordUp Games will be inviting everyone who has signed up at WordUpGames.com to join us as we release our first ever playable preview of Lost on Babel! We’re really excited to finally share with you the world that we’ve been helping to shape, and hope that you’re excited to see it. In order to help everyone know what to expect in the preview, here is a short overview of what’s to come:

What to Expect

  1. The Island of Babel! Babel itself is still heavily under construction, but several of the core areas are complete and ready to be explored!
  1. The Trap is Sprung! How exactly did you end up on Babel? You’ll find out soon enough – the preview release of the game will contain the full introduction to the story of Lost on Babel. Carlos, Rei and your other neighbors are excited to meet you – though some more than others!
  1. TheWord! The social network your character has developed extends beyond the world of the game. Use theWord to interact with other real language learners and advance your language skills together as you prepare yourselves to solve Babel’s mysteries.
  1. Conversation activities! Not sure what to talk about with a fellow citizen of Babel? No problem! The preview build will contain fully functioning conversation activities that will make meeting new friends around the world as easy as reading your screen.

What’s Coming Up Soon?

As you might expect, our playable preview doesn’t even scratch the surface of Lost on Babel. It just marks the starting point. Following the release of the preview, weekly updates will add further content and features as we prepare for our public beta. Expect to see the following:

  1. Level up! Watch your character’s abilities increase just as your own language skills do. Gain experience by playing mini-games with other language learners, and increase your stats in order to solve challenges of ever-increasing difficulties.
  1. Crafting! If you want it, build it – but you might need some help from your friends! Collect items from around the island and use them to make it your own. Coordinate with friends in order to try out all available professions and create something amazing.
  1. Watch your language skills grow! Lost on Babel’s “I Can” system will not only allow you to see at the click of a button how your language skills have evolved, but will automatically team you up with partners of similar language skills during gameplay.
  1. Gameplay as far as the eye can see! New events, locations, and games will open as Babel is built up around you, creating an endless stream of activities to play, people to meet, and challenges to overcome.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the drop-zone; the Lost on Babel Preview will be landing soon!

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